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Small But Mighty

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All photos by Eduardo Patino, courtesy Ballet NY

In their annual New York City season at the Ailey Citigroup Theater last week, Ballet NY, the company founded by Judith Fugate and Medhi Bahiri, presented three company premieres and revisited work from their current repertory. No small feat for the group of only eight dancers, several of whom performed in three of the program’s four works.

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Paul Taylor Dance Company

Originally published on 3/18/14 on, in response to Paul Taylor Dance Company’s 3/14/14 performance 

Watching Paul Taylor’s work is often like being transported through American history, one decade, idea or dance trend at a time. Not that the movement is necessarily following a linear progression. But elements of American social dance, and of traditionally American character, are woven through Taylor’s diverse repertoire, making his work easily recognizable to those who have experienced it before. 

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An Old Friend, Back On Broadway

Les Misérables, needless to say, has been around a long time. But it is for good reason. The Imperial Theatre on a recent Saturday night is packed to the rafters, and the excitement in the audience is palpable. Perhaps because the show only opened a couple weeks ago, most of the audience members appear to be seasoned Les Mis fans who have eagerly anticipated the show’s return to Broadway and are ready to welcome it back. Though I am familiar with the musical, this is my first time seeing it live, and compared to them I am a rookie. Continue reading

What is a Recreational Dancer?

Originally published on 2/23/14 on

I don’t know how to answer the question “Are you a dancer?” “Yes” seems like a lie somehow. After all, I’m not a professional, nor am I “advanced” by anyone’s definition. I don’t attend class regularly, nor is there a style that I specialize in. Doesn’t “yes” imply that I should at least be able to touch my toes without bending my knees? To say “no,” though, also feels wrong. Because I do have a dance background, and, most importantly, I find that dance is a significant part of my life. So usually, I just mumble something about being a recreational dancer, and let the question pass. The question-asker nods in understanding. But in reality, I’m not sure either of us knows what a recreational dancer is.

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